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Emergency Dentistry services offered in Fort Worth, TX

When you have a dental emergency, you need an experienced emergency dentist right away! At Smiles of Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas, general dentist Jeffrey Osborne, DDS, and the team provide expert dental care on an emergency basis. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth, a lost filling, or significant toothache pain, contact the dental team online or over the phone to schedule your emergency appointment.

Emergency Dentistry Q&A

Do you need an emergency dentist?

A dental emergency can occur at any moment, leaving you with an oral health problem that needs urgent care. Or, you might have been worrying about increasing dental pain for some time before you realize that the situation is truly urgent and you need dental care right away.

Dental emergencies need to be addressed promptly. Without the right emergency dental care, you could experience lasting oral and whole-body health complications. Your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body, and oral health issues can cause problems in areas like your heart.

Dental emergencies are often acutely painful, as well, meaning that emergency dental care may be an urgent matter in terms of your comfort and pain levels.

What can be addressed with emergency dentistry?

You might need an emergency dentist visit due to:

  • A loose or knocked-out tooth 
  • A filling breaking loose
  • A cracked or broken tooth 
  • Damage to a crown
  • An infected tooth
  • Severe tooth-related pain

Emergency dentistry stabilizes your oral condition and saves your teeth and gums when possible. Your provider at Smiles of Fort Worth may also prescribe pain relief medication and suggest oral flushing or other at-home care techniques. You may need additional follow-up care after emergency dental treatment.

What do you need to do for emergency dental care?

Contact the team at Smiles of Fort Worth after a dental emergency. The dental staff can schedule a rapid-response appointment to get your needs attended to right away and advise you on any steps to take while you wait to be seen.

In case of a knocked-out tooth, find the tooth if possible, place it in water or milk, and bring it with you when you come to the office.

During a dental emergency, you want expert dental care you can rely on, delivered quickly. Smiles of Fort Worth has you covered. The team is here to help.

A dental emergency doesn’t have to become a crisis. When you get the care you need when you need it, you can limit the negative impacts of your dental emergency on your oral and whole-body health. Waiting to address a dental emergency can lead to serious health issues. 

For the emergency dental care you need immediately, contact Smiles of Fort Worth online or over the phone and request an emergency dental appointment.