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General Dentistry services offered in Fort Worth, TX

It’s essential to have a dental home where you can receive a full range of general dentistry treatments and services. Contact general dentist Jeffrey Osborne, DDS, and the team at Smiles of Fort Worth in Fort Worth, Texas, your one-stop shop for general dentistry services. Whether you need professional cleaning, a dental crown to repair a cracked tooth, or clear aligners to straighten your smile, the dental team has the expertise you need for optimal dental care. Book your appointment online or over the phone at Smiles of Fort Worth today.

General Dentistry Q&A

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry considers your whole dental and oral health. That’s essential when it comes to promoting your life-long dental health. 

Each of your teeth functions as part of an arch of your bite. And the arches of your bite work together to chew your food. If any part of your dental health is negatively impacted, it can affect your teeth or gums. That’s why general dentistry care is so critical. You need a general dentistry expert to provide comprehensive dental care.

What does general dentistry include?

General dentistry covers a lot of dental and oral care needs. At Smiles of Fort Worth, you enjoy access to a full range of general dentistry services. The team provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.


Preventive dentistry

Professional cleanings and expert dental care techniques keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. You can reduce your risk of dental problems like tooth decay with the right dental hygiene and regular professional check-ups.


Dental restoration

If you show signs of dental damage or decay, the team offers interventions to support and stabilize your teeth. You can also use dental implants and bridges to fill the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth.


Cosmetic dentistry

If you’re concerned about how your teeth look, get in touch with the general dentistry team at Smiles of Fort Worth. The providers offer ClearCorrect dental aligners and more to help your smile look straight and even.

With these general dentistry services, delivered with professional expertise by the friendly providers, your smile can look, feel, and function at its best.

Who needs general dentistry care?

People of all ages need professional general dentistry care. Smiles of Fort Worth providers work with new and existing patients of all ages. No one is too young or too old to need quality general dentistry!

The team supports you with all of your general dentistry needs, giving you the benefit of years of expertise and experience. The team offers bilingual care and is supportive of people of all races and ethnicities.

If you, a friend, or a family member are looking for a new general dentistry home, contact the friendly and helpful team at Smiles of Fort Worth today. You can schedule your first appointment at the Fort Worth location online or over the phone now.